Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grieving thoughts...

The quiet times are a double edge sword. I love them...yet I don't. They're peaceful..yet they're not. I never thought I could love someone so much. I feel that in the month Lalia was here, I got to know her quit a bit. I am grieving. If it hurts this bad for me, I can't imagine how it feels for Vicki and Walid. My heart goes out to them and I'm grieving for them as well. Yesterday was International babylost Mama day...I thought of all the Mama's who suffer loss of a child or children. I imagined all the balloons being released into the Heavens. It made me think of the relatives such as the Grandparents...Aunts and Uncles...Cousins etc. We grieve too..just in a different way. A lot of times we don't know what to say or do to show our grief. One thing I have learned say something. Doesn't have to be big...but just say "I'm sorry" what can I do to help you through this"? It's better to say something than not. This has been a lesson I've learned through Lalia. I think people are afraid to make a grieving person feel worse if they mention anything. I think it feels worse to not mention anything. Not to mention someones loss..feels worse. I have felt this way because there are people I know who since Lalia's passing have not said anything to me. And I won't hurts. But I'm trying to understand that not everyone will say something and not everyone knows what to say. Some of it though I believe is that people get caught up in there own lives to look around at others and see what's going on. I do this too. I'm trying all the harder not too. Life is not all about me and what I'm going through. Other people are hurting just as bad...or worse. Just some thoughts in my head at this early hour.

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