Friday, May 14, 2010


THIS IS A FAMILY BLOG RIGHT?!?!?! Just realized I've been using it more for a personal blog....bad mama!! ok....all yo people(three) if I'm lucky....that read my we go on the family stuff! Got Max registered for Kindergarden yesterday!!! oh honestly I was a ball of nerves over it. But all the paperwork is filled out and we're putting him in a dual-language class!! So he'll be learning Spanish up until fifth grade and probably longer. yay!! His teacher is awesome..Bill and I meet with him the other day and he rocks. I swear max is 5 going on 13 sometimes...attitude baby!! Not a good one either. BOO. But he's learning and growing as are Bill and I and we trust he'll grow into a fine young man! Dane is a stinker as usual. Oh he makes me laugh....we went to my parents house the other day and they were going to surprise my mom by coming throught the door out of the garage...when Dane saw his Nana he told her "happy Mothers day...we are sneaking around!" He's a real hoot and a half.... The weather is getting so so we've been out and about a lot. I'm so glad we live so close to such an awesome park...we love it. Bill is doing dandy in school! He's rockin it and I couldn't be prouder :) me? I'm me and doing really prozac is helping me...but I don't take it everyday so I'm getting better on my own I belive. Much happier than before :) and not one bit shy or ashamed to say I take PROZAC!! yay One should never be ashamed at that! Truely....I believe that 100%. Other than that...our cat is still fat and and I've enjoyed the chat. Wow....kind of fun to write silly again :P xoxo

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  1. I really liked this post! Love my nephews, and we should get the families together soon.


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