Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuff and things....

A first and a last is happening today. Max is ending Kindergarten for the first and last time. How do I feel about this? Mixed emotions really...I'm happy he's moving on, yet my heart hurts just a bit because he's moving on. Oh being a Mom can be so emotionally draining!! I'll have to remember to wear water proof mascara the day my boys leave for college. oh my...speaking of that, yesterday they were outside playing "house" with the neighbor kids. Max said he was in college and than a bit later he had graduated. Than Dane taking Max's cue was in college. It's funny what kids play. But someday my boys will (Lord willing) be off at school. Speaking more on school, Bill is almost done!!!! Has four yrs gone by already?!? This sat. is his graduation party that I'm throwing him. I wanted to do more but because of money and all it'll be small. That's OK though as long as our families are there that's all that matters. We've really appreciated everyone's support and encouragement these last four years. I just might tear up at the party...Life sure changes a lot!

On another note, I made super yummy homemade chicken dumpling soup last night! I had always wanted to make it and I finally did. And you know what? It's so stinkin easy...I think I'll add more veggies next time I make it and cut the chicken pieces a bit smaller. All in all it was good and I can't wait to have some for lunch today.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yesterday we met up with John and the girls for the Hot Rod event in Sherwood. It was a lot of fun! We took the shuttle over to the event area and I left my camera on the bus. Luckily I figured it out kind of quickly when I went to take a pic and didn't have my camera. I panicked a little because this is my brand new camera that Bill bought me for Mother's day! I was hoping and praying someone didn't make off with it...As Bill was walking back to the shuttle area, the driver drove past him and stopped and gave Bill my camera! Oh, I was so happy when Bill came back and had "precious" with him. Thus the day continued without anymore drama, just lots of smiles from the kiddos. Max enjoyed looking inside the cars and seeing how fast they go...he would then relay this information to Chloe who would squeal with delight. We stopped and got the kids snow cones and than went for some shade. While in the shade, we watched kids in big,plastic balls filled with air bouncing on water. That looked like so much fun. Maybe next year the kids can go....Max wanted to go this year. After we walked around for a bit longer, we rode back on the shuttle and went to J&J's for a short, nice visit.

I love doing things that are free and without expectations. Often times those are the things that are the coolest. We really enjoyed our day and it was nice that Bill could hang out with us for most of the day! Usually he's working, so it was really nice to have his company with us. Today is Sunday and the boys and I went to church. It was a really good message and made me think about prayer. Dewy's such a good teacher! I'm so thankful I found a church that teaches me and has helped to grow me. I just wish Bill could come with us. Someday! That's all for now...
I have this big, fat white cat that insists on laying on my clothes!!! grrrr I push him off, he gets back on. I push him off, he gets back on. what happened just a 30 sec. ago? yep...big fat white cat...on my clothes. GRRR

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We all have those moments when we look at our kids ant think "when did they get so big?" I've been having a lot of those moments lately. I was looking through some pics last night and came across one of Dad and Max. Max looked like he was three and as much as I smiled at the picture, I also wanted to cry. He's growing up so fast...just today while eating lunch, I had a rather nice grown up conversation with him and it really blew me away. Than there's Dane, my baby...only he's not a baby anymore. He's so stinkin cute and wise for his age. He likes to pretend play with me and the other day we were playing "Heaven". God made us some cookies and we did all sorts of fun things. :) I love how Dane's face lights up when we play and I can almost see the wheels turning in his head.

On another note, Bill's getting close to his internship being over. At times, I feel like we never see each other...but I can't tell u how proud I am of him! He's really blown me away with his go get em attitude. It'll be so nice when he gets a job doing what he went to school for. I'm hoping and praying that will be soon. As for me, I'm doing what I do...being a wife and mother. It's a good thing and I like it. Watching my boys grow into who they are has been the best thing in my life so far.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My first born is almost done with his first year in school! School is out on the
15Th and it's hard to believe I'll than have a first-grader. Max had a great year, he enjoyed his teacher, meeting new kids and learning new stuff. He did really well with the Spanish part of it and I'm so thankful he's able to learn another lang! Bill and I were curious to see how it'd go and he did great with it. I love hearing him talk and sing in Spanish!

The school had some fun activities such as a hop-along fundraiser and the end of school carnival. I won an awesome gift basket at that one and it was on my birthday. :) I was able to go on a field trip to Portland for Cinco de Mayo with his class and that was really cool. Than that night, we all went and heard the different bilingual classes sing in Spanish. Not that I'm partial but Max's kindergarten class sang better than the older kids. They really knew their songs and sang out and it was a proud moment for Bill and I.

So, on to Summer and I'm hoping for some more sunshine! Gotta go make breakfast for my hungry dudes...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Yada Yada

It's late. I should be in bed. I should've been in bed hours ago. So? Why am I still up? This is me time! I'm really needing some better habits though. Why is it SO hard to change?!??! Max and I went for a nice long bike ride yesterday and it felt so good. made me think we should that more often....we have trails throughout our neighborhood and we need to take advantage of them more often. I guess that's one impovement to an otherwise lazy week! This weather I swear is making me more lazy than I usually am! I have heard that the weekend is going to be nice and I can't wait! I've been wanting to take the boys out to the Alpaca farm not far from here. So...if anyone want's to go with us, let me know. Oh, and bring a camera...good shots I'm sure! What a random post, but just how I'm feeling at one in the morning. to bed for me. xx