Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuff and things....

A first and a last is happening today. Max is ending Kindergarten for the first and last time. How do I feel about this? Mixed emotions really...I'm happy he's moving on, yet my heart hurts just a bit because he's moving on. Oh being a Mom can be so emotionally draining!! I'll have to remember to wear water proof mascara the day my boys leave for college. oh my...speaking of that, yesterday they were outside playing "house" with the neighbor kids. Max said he was in college and than a bit later he had graduated. Than Dane taking Max's cue was in college. It's funny what kids play. But someday my boys will (Lord willing) be off at school. Speaking more on school, Bill is almost done!!!! Has four yrs gone by already?!? This sat. is his graduation party that I'm throwing him. I wanted to do more but because of money and all it'll be small. That's OK though as long as our families are there that's all that matters. We've really appreciated everyone's support and encouragement these last four years. I just might tear up at the party...Life sure changes a lot!

On another note, I made super yummy homemade chicken dumpling soup last night! I had always wanted to make it and I finally did. And you know what? It's so stinkin easy...I think I'll add more veggies next time I make it and cut the chicken pieces a bit smaller. All in all it was good and I can't wait to have some for lunch today.

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