Sunday, June 5, 2011

My first born is almost done with his first year in school! School is out on the
15Th and it's hard to believe I'll than have a first-grader. Max had a great year, he enjoyed his teacher, meeting new kids and learning new stuff. He did really well with the Spanish part of it and I'm so thankful he's able to learn another lang! Bill and I were curious to see how it'd go and he did great with it. I love hearing him talk and sing in Spanish!

The school had some fun activities such as a hop-along fundraiser and the end of school carnival. I won an awesome gift basket at that one and it was on my birthday. :) I was able to go on a field trip to Portland for Cinco de Mayo with his class and that was really cool. Than that night, we all went and heard the different bilingual classes sing in Spanish. Not that I'm partial but Max's kindergarten class sang better than the older kids. They really knew their songs and sang out and it was a proud moment for Bill and I.

So, on to Summer and I'm hoping for some more sunshine! Gotta go make breakfast for my hungry dudes...

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