Monday, April 5, 2010

Crazy Holidays...

So working in retail really puts a whole new spin on things. Take for example...holidays. I still enjoy these grand events, however working the day before Easter and the day of Easter makes me cringe with a great big ughhh. Let me explain....the store was absolutely crowded with the typical last minute shoppers. No mean shoppers(thank goodness) just in a hurry...stressed and tired people coming through my line. Oh and speaking of lines?!?!? We had at every register open and still had long lines!!

If I don't see another chocolate bunny...Easter basket and Easter candy for the rest of my life, at this point...I'd be ok :) Speaking of candy....people will come in and my gobs of it before...during and after(it goes on sale) Easter. Don't get me wrong...I too love these holidays and the fun that goes along with them. But in my opinion and now more than ever since working retail... society has become way too materialistic and along with that comes the commercialism of the Holidays.

Growing up for Easter....we dyed eggs...found the eggs a day or two later...and had a chocolate bunny. Of course we went to church to celebrate the what and who Easter really stands for..but as far as the stuff...that was it. And you know what? We had great Easters and were not lacking for anything! Where have these days gone? Days of simple celebrating. Days of what the holiday REALLY means...days of businesses being closed so families can be together. I miss those days...

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