Sunday, April 18, 2010

This thing called Hope....

I don't know what I'm going to write or if I'm going to publish what I write. I just feel the need to pour my heart out. First of all....God made two very amazing twin sisters! They amaze us each and every day...I pray not only for them but for the other babies in the NICU and NICU ICU. Babies that I hope are as loved as these girls. All babies should be loved and cared for. If I could...I'd gladly give parts of my body away to help the girls and the other sick babies to live. My kidneys...liver....lungs and even my heart. I'd do it for my boys in a heartbeat...I'd do anything to help them live. We're all in a place where we're all so helpless...and that is where Faith and Hope come in! We are weak....but he is strong. Praying tonight that this small seed we call Hope, blooms into a beautiful garden for these girls. A place of wonder and delight....where they are healthy and whole and at home with their Mama chasing the dogs and picking blackberries. This is our hope and dream...we know not what God's plan is...but we know that it'll be for the best. And so continue, the prayers and thanksgiving for bringing these two beauties into our lives. Thank you God!

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