Friday, May 20, 2011


I've had the best Birthday's ever in the last two years! They've been lowkey, simple and just perfect! Today my guys took me to lunch...they blindfolded me and surprised me! We went to Izzys and had a great meal. Than I took the boys to the park which I might add it was a LOVELY 72 degrees!!! Oh SUNSHINE BABY. Can u tell we haven't had good sun for the last six months lol. Dane and I both got sunburned, while Mr. Max took on a nice bronze tan...grrr. Anyway, this evening Max's school had their carnival. It was a lot of fun! They had a lot of games...including face painting and balloon art in the gym. Max is just crazy about the five rings he got as prizes!

So, before the games started, I put six raffle tickets for the gift bags and my were they awesome gift bags. I ended up winning one!! woot woot and it's from one of my fav. stores here in town! It had a big candle, a music CD, three kid books, a decratice plate and best of all a Willow tree figurine! I love those. I got all of this for a one dollar ticket, not to mention I never win at these things. So all in all it was a great great day and I was and still am a very happy birthday girl (even if I'm one yr older :P

Tomorrow were going up to the Weiss girls gymnastic meet!! I can't wait and I can't forget to take my camera. Will somebocy PLEASE remind me to take it...peace out.

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