Sunday, May 1, 2011


We must consistently check with ourselves: “am I committed to feeling good, or am I committed to growing?” Growth does not always feel good, and feeling good does not always provide growth. - Guru Singh

"Growing" is something my family has done A LOT of. Within the time Bill and I have been married, going on nine years we have seen and lived within many growing experiences. Some have been great and others have been more on the not so great side. All in all we are more than blessed and thankful for each and every step we've had to take along the way. There will always be ups and down in life, that's why we wear a seatbelt and hold on for the ride!

Max and Dane are now six and four. Max is in kindergarten and loves it. He's in the dual lang. class so he's learning Spanish and he's pretty darn good at it. I love hearing him talk and sing in a different lang. He's a good student and a great learner. On the home front, he loves to ride his scooter and his bike and of course the Wii plays a part in his life too.

Dane is and has always been the ham in the family. He cracks us all up with his different silly faces and the things he says. He's a big time gamer who's favorite game is the Mario Brothers. He loves animals and HAS to pet every dog that comes within a ten foot radiace of him!

Bill is almost done with his Bachlors degree! He'll be graduating this June and than it's on to Graduate school. Two weeks ago, he started an internship at a Methadone clinic in Portland. He likes it and the other Councelors like him and it looks like it may trun into a job. Not sure yet, but it's headed that way. I'm very proud of Bill! He's worked very hard and deserves only the best. He's going to be great at what he does! He has a huge heart for it.

Me...I'm working temp jobs right now. I'm at a winery or you could call me a cellar rat! I like's something new for me and I'm thankful to be out of retail! That place sucked me dry and so having a two month break with my dudes and now getting back into work temporarily has been refreashing. Will, I'll close for now. Not all my post's will be this long, I wanted though to do a quick update on my fam and where we're at.


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