Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Well, life can have its disapointments. Found out today that Bill won't be getting the job at the clinic where he has his internship. Everyone likes him there, but I guess the reginol director made the desicion to hire on another counselor that she liked. So....I am reminded that God works in wonderful and myserious ways. His ways are not our ways. Sometimes I wish he could just tell us outfront where and what to do! But that is where the mysterious part comes in :) I'm doing my best to be patient about some things and just go with the flow. So much easier said than done.

Even though I know God has a plan for Bill and all of us, It still doesn't keep me from wanting to cry. It's just that Bill has worked so hard and deserves the best...but that is still in the coming and my patience is running low.

ahhh life.

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