Monday, May 9, 2011

Holiday weekend

I went with Max and his class up to Portland for Cinco de Mayo. They had a large tent and several smaller ones set up on the seemed like it's own village. We watched the show of dancers with the Mariochi band and it was a cool show. The dresses the ladies wore were very colorful and the smiles the dancers had the entire show were very nice. It's great watching a show were the participants really enjoy what they are doing! After the show, we walked around and I bought Max a little flute.

For Mother's day and Mom's birthday celebration we went to the Spagetti factory with the fam. Always yummy food and good times are had there! The balloon guy came around and made Max a sabor, Dane a lion, Savy a horse and Chloe a heart. He does such a good job and the kids love it. These pictures I'm posting aren't the best being that I'm still getting the hang of my new camera that Bill got me for being a Mother to his sons :) After the factory, we went over to John and Jillian's and had pie that Colleen made for Mom's b-day. It was fun watching the kids dress up....Dane was a dino and Savy was Buzz lightyear. It was nice getting together with everyone! Sometimes too much time goes by before we get together, I guess that's part of life and everyone being busy. Hope you enjoyed the pictures...later.

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