Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ahhhhh a nice warm day here in the Pacific Northwest! Have I told you how much I love Oregon?? Will I do. Sometimes the dark days of winter/spring can get to be a bit much, but all I have to do is go for a drive and my love for this place once again swells!
Yesterday, I visited Vicki who lives in the country(I'm jealous) and let me tell ya, the drive there is beyond amazing. Vineyards upon vineyards...rolling hills, fruit and veggie stands, old farms, snow capped mountains in the distance. It was a clear enough day that I could see Mt. Saint Helen's in all her glory! This Fall I'm going to take the same drive and get photo's of the fields when they are blanketed in red clover...oh the beauty!

Have I sold you on Oregon yet?? :) Can you tell I'm thankful I moved here almost 15 yrs ago. Speaking of 15 years, where and when did it run away so quickly? I have and will always have fond memories of Colorado and of Gunnison..but those times seem like a lifetime ago. I love my life and all who are in my life. I love my nieces and nephew(still in another country) very much and am thankful we live close by. The boys spent yesterday at their cousins house and had a blast! When I went to pick them up, Savannah kept saying "I don't want you guys to leave" oh and Miss Charlotte was saying bye cute.

I know this post is random but so is my life! :) I'm very excited because I got some decor for Bill's graduation party. I can't wait to throw him a big shindig! He so deserves it. Right now I don't see him much being that he's in Portland three days a week and than comes home and goes to his other job until about midnight. My man is super duper and I'm very proud of him. He does so much for his family...he loves his boys and it shows. After June, he may take a break and than start up Graduate school, or he may go right into grad. school.

I took the boys to a friends b-day party tonight and a bounce house nearby. It's a cool place with big bouncy things for the kiddos to jump on and slides to come down. Dane...who is the family ham, had people cracking up over what he was doing and saying. He really is funny! Well...I should go now and stop my blah blahing.

Till next time...

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